Sweet horse carefully scoots baby close to get a better look

When an adorable baby is placed next to a horse, the horse feels the need to get a closer look. The horse is behind in an enclosure in the stables, but her head is sticking out.

On the floor, the baby is relaxing in a baby seat, enjoying a meal. In the baby’s mouth is a bottle of fresh white milk, and he is surrounded by bright and vibrant colors.

The horse’s eye and attention are drawn to the baby immediately. She nudges the seat with her nose, and the baby starts to rock back and forth.

The baby isn’t bothered or scared by the sudden motion of the horse, and in fact, he seems to enjoy the experience. To get a closer look, the horse tries her best to bring the baby closer.

With only her head, the horse scoots the baby’s seat over to her enclosure. The horse is very gentle with the baby and knows to be careful when moving him.

She sniffs the baby, getting a good whiff of his lovely scent. It seems that the horse is slowly falling in love with him, and this may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The horse can’t stop watching over the baby, and the baby stares back at her. They lock eyes and understand that there is a special bond between them.

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Sweet horse carefully scoots baby close to get a better look