Top 5 Cat Trees (We Tried Them All)

Cat trees are great for any household with cats, and Mallory took the time to find the absolute best ones. After hours of research, looking through customer reviews, she got the top five cat trees for her cats Forest and Wessie to try out.

A good cat tree is durable, stable, comfortable, and suits the needs of your cat. They are great for providing elevated territory that allows the cat to survey the world from above.

The Armarkat Deluxe Cat Tree was her top recommendation. It is tall and comes with a wide variety of play and sleeping areas. Forest loved the tree.

For a household with many cats, the CozyCatFurniture Large Cat Tree is the perfect option. It is tall as well and comes with even more areas of playing and sleeping.

Other older cats or cats with mobility issues need a tree that is short and comes with steps. The Trixie Baza Senior Cat Tree was made for them. It is small and made of soft fuzzy material, and Wessie loved lounging on it.

A good option for people with limited space is the Trixie Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower. It doesn’t require any assembly, and it is not tall. But it is rather flimsy.

Lastly, for those who want a stylish tree, the On2Pets Large Round Modern Cat Tree was made to look like a real tree. It is simple and doesn’t have many features. Mallory’s cats weren’t interested in it, but in time that could change.

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Top 5 Cat Trees (We Tried Them All)