“This is heaven.” – Tiny kittens playing with adorable chicks

“This is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life,” says one viewer after watching kittens play with a tiny chicken. If you need your daily dose of cuteness, this is the source.

Teddy kittens are British shorthair cats with adorable colorful eyes. Their popularity is due to their look alone. The big dinner plate-looking eyes make these kitties look like stuffed animals.

This adorable interaction between an orange teddy kitten and a tiny yellow chick has viewers feeling all kinds of emotions. There is something about small animals that grab one’s heartstrings.

For some people, the baby animals have not only made their day but their entire year. I mean, who can blame them? The pair is very invested in each other as they walk around on a sofa.

You can only imagine what is going through their minds as the two animals explore the different surroundings together. The little chicken gets to meet various teddy cats with different personalities.

The Teddy kitten, Caramel, is very jumpy and excited. The cat jumps from side to side as it sniffs out the yellow chirping companion. It is adorable to see how these two cute beings are so gentle with each other.

At last, all the teddy kittens get to play with the tiny yellow chick together. It is mesmerizing to see how gentle they all are with each other. As someone pointed out, you just want to hold each of these furry babies in your hands while watching this.

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“This is heaven.” – Tiny kittens playing with adorable chicks