Pretty Litter, the cat litter that instantly monitors your pet’s health

All About Cats has been on a mission for half a decade. That is to provide knowledge to people on how they can care for the fluffy meowing family members.

In their “Pretty Litter Cat Litter Review,” the YouTube channel presents what they learned while using the color-changing cat litter for a month. Is this gimmick worth the price for our furry friends?

Pretty Litter is a cat litter that changes colors. Each color variation provides you with valuable information on your cat’s health. Wessie and Forest are the two lucky cats that tested all of this out.

Pretty Litter offers an easy signup process on their website. To gain a better value for your buck, you can select the number of cats that will use the litter during the month’s supply. The lightweight package also comes with instructions and a ruler to measure out the correct amount.

During the testing, “All About Cats” found out that Pretty Litter produces a fair amount of dust particles when pouring and scooping. However, The sandy silica gel litter is comfortable to the touch.

Wessie and Forest took a quick liking to Pretty Litter. At the same time, the odor control was deemed good by the cats’ owner. All About Cats did three tests to verify the color-changing nature of the product.

Suppose you’re looking for a suitable silica gel cat litter with a health monitoring system. In that case, Pretty Litter is worth it. However, if budget is a concern, All About Cats suggests that an affordable cat litter with regular monitoring works just as well.

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Pretty Litter, the cat litter that instantly monitors your pet\'s health