People who openly hate cats meet adorable kittens

People who openly hate cats meet kittens to see if their opinions will change. Before they meet the cute baby felines, they all talk about why they don’t like cats.

Most of them hate cats because they believe cats hate them too. One person thought that cats have creepy claws, and they all prefer dogs over cats.

Finally, it comes to the moment where they are going to meet the adorable kittens. A box is placed beside them, and inside are several new friends.

A kitten’s paw even sticks out from one of the small holes of the box. Each of them slowly opens the box and is all surprised by the number of kittens they find.

Someone remarks that they might not be happy inside the box. At first, they are unsure and uncomfortable with the kittens jumping and moving around. Slowly but surely, they start to warm up to the furry felines.

They are given an assortment of toys, but none of them have played with cats before. So they do their best to play, and some of them hold the cats in their arms.

In the end, they slowly fall in love with the kittens. One person still doesn’t think they’re as great as puppies. But all of them are convinced that kittens are lovable and sweet.

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People who openly hate cats meet adorable kittens