Top 11 Best Wet Cat Food Brands (We Tested 80 of Them)

Mallory from “All About Cats”, the YouTube channel that offers cat owners all the tips and tricks on their furry companions, tests out the best wet cat food on the market.

As indicated in the video’s description, the best canned wet cat food is the primary key for a healthy and fit cat for a lot of reasons.

Mallory’s team has reviewed over 80 cat food brands and hundreds of formulas. All About Cats also stays on top of their game by talking with experts on the subject.

Needless to say, their extensive research can be a source of great help when looking for the next wet cat food for your lovely feline. In this review, 11 products are presented for you and your cat to choose from.

The number one recommendation Feline Natural’s Chicken and Venison Feast. The New Zealand brand offers various prey-inspired muscle meat that goes well with a carnivore’s needs.

Mallory goes into further detail about essential products for a cat prone to allergies or digestive issues. For this, you should be looking into brands like Hound & Gatos or Pure Vita.

The wet cat foods review provided in this video is highly detailed. Mallory offers information on the ingredients and the percentages of them. At the same time, she indicates various alternatives depending on your cat’s needs. This should be required viewing for every cat momma and daddy.

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Top 11 Best Wet Cat Food Brands (We Tested 80 of Them)