Golden Retriever shares 11-year bond with deer and helps raise her fawns

An unusual friendship between a Golden Retriever named G-Bro and a wild doe named Buttons is touching hearts across the internet. Every year, Buttons visits the house with her fawns, and they all go on a hike together.

G-Bro’s human family rescued Buttons after being hit by a car. With close friends experienced in caring for deer, the family decided to welcome Buttons and care for her until she returned to the wild.

Buttons instantly became another member of her family. Years after Buttons came back to her home in the woods, she frequently visited G-Bro and the gang.

Buttons has been with the family for 11 years and has grown particularly close with G-Bro throughout this time. The G-Bro owners have a large parcel of land and have developed over 8 kilometers of walking trails for their pets on their property. They always gathered dogs, deer, and cats. It is an excellent opportunity to bring all these animals together, and it has undoubtedly deepened their friendship.

The two animals have been friends for over a decade. They have gone through several milestones together. From sickness to motherhood, animals have been held together through various trials and tribulations. With 11 years of friendship, the duo grew up together.

G-Bro is Buttons’ best friend and confidant. He is incredibly loving to them every time he sees them. Buttons seemed to enjoy watching G-Bro interact with her fawn.

Despite being much bigger and stronger than them, he discovered how to lick their faces gently and tenderly, and they seemed to enjoy it. We see how they hug each other and enjoy the sights and smells of the outside world when they are not playing. G-Bro and Buttons are very lucky to have been friends all these years. Everyone deserves a best friend to accompany them on the journey of a lifetime.

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Golden Retriever shares 11-year bond with deer and helps raise her fawns