3-week old puppies thrown in a dumpster get a second chance at life

Staff at the Dog Rescue Shelter of Mladenovac probably thought that it would be a day like any other before meeting the two puppies thrown in one of the dumpsters near the facility.

Images retrieved from the facility’s security footage showed how a man committed the act of cruelty. The man is seen driving by the Rescue Shelter in the footage, then gets out of his car to place a bucket by the dumpster. The man then runs back to his car and drives off.

Staff at the rescue facility was attracted to rescue the puppies when he heard a soft whining coming from the dumpster. His investigations led him to the discovery of two little pups.

It was apparent that the poor pups had been stripped of the privilege of experiencing motherly love at a tender age. Instead, the felines had been taken from their mom and dumped to fight for their lives in the harsh weather.

A report from the rescue facility revealed that the puppies were only three weeks old and unfit to stay at the premises. However, they were lucky to get the love of a foster mother.

The Rescue Shelter adopted a program to bottle-feed the little pups every three hours until they were a little older. Even though the rescuers couldn’t give the poor puppies their mother back, they did everything in their ability to improve their living conditions.

Conversely, the young pups showed a positive response to the heartwarming treatment granted by the rescuers as they gained strength and grew into playful felines waiting for well-wishers to give them permanent residencies.

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3-week old puppies thrown in a dumpster get a second chance at life