Deaf Pittie is excited to welcome his soldier dad home

Dogs are usually overjoyed to reunite with their owners any time they are faced with separation. However, even one or two days of separation could feel like time without end for some feline friends.

Meet Cooper, the deaf pit bull who was rescued by Phil’s wife in 2009. Cooper was meant to play the role of a surprise package when Phil returned home from Afghanistan. Instead, copper has remained a loyal family member and is always excited to welcome Phil any time he comes home from work.

To Cooper, welcoming Phil home is a special moment that must be treated like a long-awaited reunion. He will sit eagerly at the door, waiting for his master to return home with great excitement.

Here comes a day when Phil has to return home after spending two weekend days in service. For Cooper, two days of his master’s absence could be compared to a decade. Yes, a whole decade!

Cooper simply sat at the door as he waited patiently for Phil. Then comes the moment when Cooper’s mom has to reach forward to unlock the door to reveal Phil’s presence in the home.

Cooper couldn’t hide the joy that flowed through his spine when he saw Phil in his military uniform. But then, the atmosphere changed as Cooper jumped around with a wagging tail, preparing to receive a pat from Phil.

In particular, it is incredibly heartwarming how Cooper is excited to welcome his dad back home. But to Phil, this is just a ‘routine’ occasion. Unfortunately, Cooper was suffering in pain, and owners decided to euthanize him in 2016.

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Deaf Pittie is excited to welcome his soldier dad home