74-year-old pulls Golden Retriever free from the jaws of an alligator

While 74-year-old Suzan Marciano was walking her Golden Retriever mix Nalu, she had to save her dog from an alligator. In Boca Raton, Florida, Marciano has been visiting the same park for eight years.

The park has a lake, and she always goes there with her two dogs. 11-year-old Nalu loves the water and is usually fine walking without a leash.

On that day, when Nalu was by the lake, Marciano saw a particular form on the water’s surface. The alligator pounced and grabbed Nalu with its jaws.

Marciano had no time to think, and without hesitation, she went into the water to save Nalu. She grabbed Nalu and pulled her free from the grasp of the alligator.

Nalu was eventually safe as Marciano kept pulling, but it wasn’t over yet. The alligator then bit down on Marciano’s hand, and she did the same thing as before and kept pulling.

Filled with adrenaline and the need to save her dog and herself, Marciano escaped the alligator. She survived the traumatic experience, and all she wanted to do was go home.

Nalu underwent two-hour surgery and is thankfully recovering from her wounds. Marciano miraculously only needed to get six stitches on her hand. She is glad she reacted the way she did. If she didn’t save Nalu, she would have been devastated.

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74-year-old pulls Golden Retriever free from the jaws of an alligator