Adorable otter cries like baby before falling asleep in bed

Hana, the otter, lays on the bed in a very relaxed position as she slowly falls asleep. Her caretaker watches her and says she looks like a washed-up seal when she sleeps on her back.

As Hana gets more comfortable, she rubs her eyes and gives a big yawn before finally drifting to sleep. A small part of her tongue can be seen sticking out of the front of her mouth.

Kotaro, another otter, likes to lay in bed only when his caretaker is there with him. He is more playful and energetic. When Hana isn’t around, Kotaro acts more like a baby.

While on the bed, Kotaro scratches his back and cries with a soft voice which is very rare for him to do. Since Hana is sleeping downstairs, Kotaro can do whatever he likes.

Hana and Kotaro usually sleep together. She can sleep anywhere, but when she gets lonely, she likes to cuddle with Kotaro. On the other hand, Kotaro prefers to rest with Hana or his caretaker.

As Kotaro continues to make noises, his caretaker wishes he had an otter translator to understand or see what Kotaro was saying. Eventually, Kotaro becomes more relaxed.

While lying on his belly, Kotaro closes his eyes and falls asleep under a pillow. Kotaro’s caretaker gives him some space and watches him sleep, making sure not to disturb Kotaro’s sweet slumber.

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Adorable otter cries like baby before falling asleep in bed