Hardworking Pittie mom gets surprised with a well-deserved day off

Luna is a Pittie mom who was treated to a well-deserved day off by her foster mom, Chelsea. She had been tirelessly taking care of her puppies since they were born.

When Chelsea started fostering Luna through The Barking Lot Rescue, she knew Luna could give birth at any moment. Chelsea managed to convince her husband to take the crazy journey together.

After taking Luna for a walk, it was time for her to give birth. Chelsea saw Luna’s belly was still big even after five puppies showed up. By the end, there were nine puppies.

Luna was exhausted; unfortunately, one of the puppies lost weight the next day. She knew something was wrong, and they tried to save the puppy. Luna was by her puppy’s side until the puppy faded away.

Chelsea saw that Luna’s world revolved around her puppies. Then as they grew older, their teeth came in. They were always nipping at Luna, and she wasn’t thrilled about that.

Luna was surprised by an adventure alone with Chelsea. They visited a local bakery and got a new toy and dog-friendly pastries. Afterward, Luna visited the dog beach for the first time and loved it.

Chelsea’s final surprise for Luna was giving her a forever home with her cousins. It was a bittersweet goodbye, but at least Luna was still in the family.

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Hardworking Pittie mom gets surprised with a well-deserved day off