Man discovers 2 adorable puppies leaning against his fence

Sometimes no one can understand you better than your sibling. That was the case for the two abandoned puppies Matt found leaning against their fence. The two of them were named Lilly and Mira.

Unfortunately, when Matt approached the two puppies, Mira ran away, leaving her sister, Lilly, behind. When Matt got closer to the puppy, he realized why the dog had not been able to follow her sister: she was blind.

With no sight to guide her and her sister missing, Mira was terrified of her rescuers. “She didn’t know what to do because she can’t see me,” said Matt. But Matt and his partner, Irene, were determined to help this special needs pup.

Matt and Irene had run a rescue center for years, but this was the first time they had cared for a blind puppy. “I just want to do everything I can for her,” said Matt.

Thanks to Matt and Irene’s dedication, Lilly slowly came out of her shell. After two or weeks, Lilly would carefully run around the yard and wag her tail when Matt and Irene entered the room.

Lilly still remained withdrawn. But 17 days after he found Lilly, Matt received a call from a neighbor letting them know a dog was living in their barn. Sure enough, they found Lilly’s sister living inside.

When the dogs saw each other again, the two pups could not have been happier. Matt and Irene planned to find a happy forever home for the two puppies to live together. “I’m just happy these two can be sisters again,” said Matt.

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Man discovers 2 adorable puppies leaning against his fence