Couple helps teach their Pibull puppy how to walk

When Brittney and Ricardo first met the Pitbull puppy, Layla, the little one was as flat as a pancake. When the couple brought the little one to the vet, Brittney and Ricardo discovered Layla had Swimmer’s Syndrome.

Swimmer’s, or flat-puppy syndrome, is a rare developmental deformity that makes it difficult for some cats or dogs to walk. Instead of their hind legs being vertical, they splay out behind them like a turtle’s legs.

Most of the time, people give up on puppies with this deformity. Rehabilitation can be arduous, and some puppies never find their footing. Ricardo and Brittney, on the other hand, were dedicated to giving Lalya a fighting chance.

The two fur parents did everything they could to help their Pitbull puppy. That included some out-of-the-box solutions. “We used my headbands and my hair ties to tie her feet together,” said Brittney.

Ricardo and Brittney were not the only ones determined to help Layla succeed. The puppy was also intent on her recovery. “She was a fighter from the beginning,” said Brittney.

With her drive and the support of her loving fur parents, Layla found her footing and learned how to walk. Now, her parents take the happy Pitbull everywhere with them.

Layla was an integral part of the family, and when her baby sister arrived, she and the baby were best friends. “They’re like two peas in a pod,” said their proud mother.

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Couple helps teach their Pibull puppy how to walk