Bonded Pitbull sisters fly around the world to meet dad

The moment the two Pit Bulls, Backpack and Toad, arrived at the animal rescue shelter, the two pups were inseparable. So, rescuers were thrilled to discover that the two adorable puppies would be adopted together.

But Backpack and Toad had gone through quite the journey to that point. When volunteers at Harbin Slaughterhouse Survivors Animal Rescue discovered the duo, they were at risk of being sold for dog meat.

The two Pitties were among 17 dogs the team discovered at an abandoned home in Harbin, China. When the team arrived at the property, loan sharks were already trying to convince the landlord to sell them the dogs.

Fortunately, the landlord sided with the animal rescue team, and the rescuers took all 17 dogs back to their new temporary homes. That was when the team found out that two of the pups looked like they could be twins.

Their new dad, Jed Ballou, waited for Backpack and Toad to arrive at the airport. “I was very, very excited, very nervous,” said Jed. “It’s like a baby being born.”

Fortunately, Backpack and Toad recognized their dad as the kind man he was the moment they stepped off the plane. One of the rescuers, Rachel Hinman, felt the same way. “It was super emotional, I just felt completely like this is their dad,” she said.

Backpack and Toad had a lot of learning to do about how to be a dog, but Jed was the perfect dad to guide them on that journey. “It’s almost like fate,” said Jed. “They could have gone anywhere in the world, but they came to me.”

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Bonded Pitbull sisters fly around the world to meet dad