Two puppies go from living in a box to loving homes

For some dogs, the search for a forever home starts in an animal shelter. But for these two abandoned puppies, that journey began in a box outside of the Mladenovac Dog Rescue Shelter in Serbia.

When a rescuer discovered the pair of sisters, he was so glad he found them in time. The two baby dogs were exhausted and dehydrated, so the kind man decided to give them milk minutes after he pulled them from their box.

Once the rescuer knew the puppies were safe, he searched the area to see if the mama dog might be nearby. When he did not find her, he took the adorable sisters to meet their foster mom.

At their temporary home, the two puppies received all the love and attention they needed to grow stronger. Within a couple of months, the abandoned sisters grew into happy, healthy bundles of energy.

Looking at the two pups jumping around and leaping over one another, you would never have known that just eight weeks ago, rescuers had pulled them out of a box.

With their recovery complete, the puppies’ foster mom knew they were ready to move on to their forever homes, and it did not take long for them to get scooped up by loving families.

Meri and Mona found their happy endings with their new families. Watch this heartwarming story of these two sweet canine sisters. After all, who does not love a happy ending?

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Two puppies go from living in a box to loving homes