Pittie does the funniest thing to be with his cat friends

Uly is a Pittie who believes he is a cat, thanks to the two feline friends he lives with. Meaghan, Uly’s mom, is sure she turned her dog into a cat.

The playful Pittie loves to jump up on counters, and he picked up the quirks of his two cat mates, Oscar and Earnest. Uly believes he is a cat, just like them.

Oscar is more reserved and doesn’t put up with Uly’s foolishness and restlessness. On the other hand, Earnest is more outgoing and loves to play with Uly.

From the beginning, Earnest was already curious about Uly. The cat-like canine was clumsy, fast, and loud. Something about Uly made Earnest genuinely love him. He likes to initiate play and cuddle with his big buddy.

Uly and Earnest enjoy creating chaos together. For a while, Meaghan was worried that Uly was bothering the cats. After some observation, a trainer told her that Earnest felt so safe that he had no problems bullying Uly.

Everything is fine in Uly’s world. Uly believes that any attention from the cats is always positive. He wants to fit in, and he always does at the end of the day.

Meaghan sees Uly as an odd boy, and she is nothing to worry about because everything is excellent. She wants to actually experience life from Uly’s perspective.

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Pittie does the funniest thing to be with his cat friends