Woman’s cats are obsessed with their Vitamix boxes

When it comes to cats and children, there is no toy more interesting than a cardboard box. But these cats took their fascination with this Vitamix box to the next level.

The cats, Max, Lando and George, were immediately drawn to it. “Their level of fascination and obsession with this particular box certainly is unmatched by anything we’ve seen before,” said their fur mom, Jessica.

The box had barely entered the kitchen before the cats jumped onboard. “I set [the box] down on the kitchen floor and turned back around, and Max was on the box,” said Jessica.

She assumed this was just a temporary fascination, but after two hours, her cat had not moved from his spot on top of the box. When Jessica woke up the next day, Lando was on the Vitamix box.

Because she was such a loving fur mom, Jessica reached out to Vitamix to see if she could get some extra boxes for her cats. Within a few days, the company sent her another container for her cats to climb onto.

The cats loved their new toys, but that was not the end of the surprises for these kitties. “On a Friday afternoon, I checked my phone. We had a new email from Vitamix’s marketing team,” said Jessica. “Vitamix also sent us a cat tree.”

The Vitamix boxes had been coveted, but the cats learned to share their cat tree. “All of the cats take turns pairing off and cuddling up,” said Jessica. “Seeing Max and Lando cuddled up on the tree really just shows us how loving they all are.”

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Woman’s cats are obsessed with their Vitamix boxes