Puppy found in trash learns how to be a happy dog

When Takis found the adorable puppy, Samu, the little one was living in the garbage. The pup was sick and desperately in need of a safe home where he could recover his strength.

While some dogs might have been nervous or uncertain about a stranger, Samu understood that Takis was there to help. As soon as the pup got into the car, he curled up in the driver’s seat.

After living for weeks in the trash, Samu was weak. “Let’s go home now,” Takis told the adorable white puppy. Takis wasted no time bringing the puppy home with him.

Samu quickly warmed up to Takis, but he took a little longer coming out of his shell with the other animals at Takis Shelter. Eventually, Samu started playing with the rest of the pups at his temporary home.

After a few months at Takis Shelter, Samu was ready to move in with a foster family to prepare for his forever home. The first thing his foster mom did was take him shopping for an adorable new collar.

To make his adjustment easier, Samu went with two other foster dogs from the animal shelter named Mumia and Lola. With their help, Samu learned how to be a puppy.

Thanks to his two foster siblings and his loving foster mom, Samu was ready to move on to his forever home. Samu would never live in the trash again. This sweet pup would now get the love he deserved.

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Puppy found in trash learns how to be a happy dog