Woman and her dog rescue each other from vicious mountain lion

While walking through the woods in California, Erin Wilson experienced the most terrifying event for any dog owner. A mountain lion sprang from the woods and attacked her and her dog, Eva.

“I would do anything for her, and I now know she would pretty much do anything for me,” said Erin. “So, it’s a good relationship to have, I guess. I know I can trust her.”

A few minutes after Erin and her Belgian Melon Juan pulled off of the road, the mountain lion assaulted Erin. Eva jumped into action the moment she heard her mom call for her.

“I think we surprised each other,” said Erin. “And when I started yelling for her, she came and got [the mountain lion] for me. So, I owe her everything, good dog.”

As soon as Eva stepped in to help her mom, the situation became direr. Within seconds, the mountain lion overpowered the dog. “I knew that I had to do something, and I grabbed some rocks,” said Erin.

Fortunately, a woman named Shannon was driving down the road and saw Erin. Together Shannon and Erin fought off the mountain lion until it released the heroic dog. With a quick thank you, Erin drove her dog to the veterinarian.

The drive was long and emotional, but Erin brought her dog in for treatment, and a couple of days later, Eva went home with her mom. What a brave, loyal dog and mom.

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Woman and her dog rescue each other from vicious mountain lion