Orphaned newborn mouse grows up to be a wild child

Miranda spotted a tiny baby mouse in the middle of her hallway and didn’t know what to do. When it seemed like his mother wasn’t coming back for him, she tried to help him.

She called every animal rescue and rehabilitator in her area, but apparently, none of them helped mice. The little mouse pulled on her heartstrings, and she saw that he was a fighter.

Remi is what she named him, and she had to feed him every two hours. Luckily, she had a job that allowed her to bring a baby mouse to work, and Remi loved to curl up in a sock that Miranda had cut open for him.

Eventually, he opened his eyes, and she was excited. Remi kept growing bigger and stronger. Miranda referred to him as a wild child. In his cage, he would zoom around so fast.

It was an extraordinary experience for her to watch him grow into an adult mouse. People said she was crazy to care for a tiny mouse, and Miranda said the least she could do was try.

Remi loves to run around looking for the hamster food she leaves for him. He also enjoys popping his head in and out of his little house.

Miranda kept him because she was worried that he had no other family to take care of him. Thanks to her, Remi has a lovely home and can run around and eat as much as he wants.

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Orphaned newborn mouse grows up to be a wild child