Senior Pug’s mood helps owner decide how to seize the day

Jon bases his day based on his senior Pug, Noodle’s mood. It is a “bones day” if Noodle stays up and a “no bones day” if all he wants to do is lie down.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

It starts every morning when Jon sits Noodle up, and he waits to see if Noodle will lay back down or not. Jon learned early on that Noodle lives by his own rules.

On a “bones day,” Jon always makes sure to push himself. He does things that he usually puts off or procrastinates, such as going out or doing chores.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

He likes to take Noodle with him, and people at his office love him. Noodle is a celebrity everywhere he goes. “No bones day” means to take it easy.

Noodle will sleep all day and doesn’t want to do dog things. He remains blissfully ignorant. Ever since Noodle moved in with Jon, he has made sure that Noodle would be as comfortable as possible.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

Jon’s goal was to make sure that Noodle never changed. He is grateful that Noodle’s story has resonated with other people, especially those with older dogs.

Dogs only get more spectacular as they age. It is sad when they grow older, but that just means that every day is more special because of it. Jon is glad people look forward to hearing more about his best friend Noodle.

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Senior Pug\'s mood helps owner decide how to seize the day