Stray Labrador momma resists rescuers’ attempt to approach her pups

Labradors are definitely the best hounds. They are very friendly, and their eyes are very expressive. You will tell everything your Lab is feeling just by looking at her eyes.

Surprisingly, Labs will retain their traits even when they are abandoned. Meet Mama, a stray Labrador who lives in the woods with her newborn puppies. The female Lab is affectionate and always alert.

Though stray, Mama did everything to ensure that all her seven pups were in good shape and health. Nonetheless, a group of rescuers visited Mama to convince her that her dogs needed a better place to call home.

At first, the female Lab showed her doubts when she realized a group of humans approaching her home as she barked at the entrance. Then, finally, Mama was ready to defend her newborns with her life.

Things took a new turn when the rescuers approached Mama with a cheeseburger. The Lab gently ate the cheeseburger as she bonded with the rescuers. Then, however, Mama fell victim to the rescuers’ trap when she went for another portion of a cheeseburger.

The rescuers took advantage of the Lab’s sense of calmness and trust to pick Mama’s seven puppies as they placed them in a safe cage. The rescuers were kind enough to soothe Mama as they assured her that her newborns were safe.

The rescuers gave Mama and her pups a spacious cage they called home. It is unbelievable how the puppies grew into playful dogs with colorful ribbon colors on their necks as they waited for their new homes. Finally, both Mama and her pups were joined with their new families.

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Stray Labrador momma resists rescuers’ attempt to approach her pups