Talented miniature horses dance to Blanco’s “The Git Up”

Horses dance along with woman to Blanco’s “The Git Up”

Blanco’s “The Git Up,” is playing on the speakers, and the miniature horse receives his well-deserved scratches and caresses. His face is full of joy and satisfaction.

Just like they practiced, he’s probably thinking to himself, as he carefully watches the woman moving beside him. He has to pay attention to her feet, her hands, and where she taps him on his body.

She asks him to stay right beside her, and every now and then he spins for her. He doesn’t miss a beat. There’s joy in these moments, he knows it, receiving treats for a job well done.

The horse has probably not heard a lot of music, but he seems to enjoy “The Git Up.” He follows along and even waves his hoof when asked to.

His friend joins him as they both stand on opposite sides of the woman. They stick to her side, and spin when her hands tell her to. Happily, they oblige for treats and fun.

The miniature horses are given a break as their bigger cousins go for a dance as well. They might run faster, but they dance slower. The moves are still correct though.

In the end, the miniature horses give a deep practiced bow. Though they are unsure of who they are bowing for. But they do not care too much. They get treats and a happy friend.

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Talented miniature horses dance to Blanco’s “The Git Up”