The cutest kitten shows a shy service dog how to play

Samson is a service dog who didn’t know how to play until he met a kitten named Cleo. When Samson met Cleo for the first time, he was so excited and curious.

At the dog park, Samson was one of the introverted dogs that would watch from a distance. He didn’t know or want to interact with the other pets around the area.

With Cleo, Samson is a bouncing ball of energy. He joyfully sniffed her upon meeting and watched her with his eyes wide open. Cleo quickly warmed up to him.

Despite their size difference, Cleo was not intimidated by Samson. During the day, Samson is a skilled and hard worker. Then when he gets home, he relaxes with Cleo.

Cleo taught him how to play and have fun. Samson was using his toys with her, and he groomed Cleo, and she did the same to him. They loved each other and were always cuddling together.

Going on adventures together was a family affair, and when Cleo didn’t want to walk anymore, she rode on top of Samson’s back. Cleo loved staying on top of Samson’s harness, and he also enjoyed it.

They received a big surprise when a new baby arrived in their family. Samson and Cleo helped take care of the baby, and there was no shortage of love.

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The cutest kitten shows a shy service dog how to play