Two Shetland ponies are spoiled and pampered with a spa day

Albert and Ernie are two Shetland ponies who were treated to a spa day by their trainer Emma Massingale. The two ponies were well-trained by Emma because they remained still for everything she gave them.

Emma started by putting curlers into their fantastic manes. Then she gave them a chance to glance at themselves in the mirror. Albert and Ernie knew immediately it would be a lovely day.

Then Emma pulled out the blowdryer to use on their majestic hair. It was a beautiful sunny day outside. Both ponies were enjoying the warm weather and being pampered endlessly.

Albert and Ernie laid down on the grass, and Emma placed stones across their body. They both stayed very still and had probably fallen asleep at that moment.

Once the stone treatment was over, Albert and Ernie turned onto their backs, and Emma polished their hooves. They continued to bask under the warm glow of the sun.

Emma allowed the ponies to continue sleeping when she put cucumber slices on their eyes and applied mud masks on them. Albert and Ernie would come out of the spa day more beautiful than ever.

For their final treat, a hot jacuzzi was prepared for their delight. It was only big enough for one of them, so they had to take turns. Emma gave them the perfect spa day.

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Two Shetland ponies are spoiled and pampered with a spa day