Very old Senior St. Bernard gets the most satisfying spa day at the groomer’s

It takes extra care and effort to groom a big senior St. Bernard like Daisy. And this groomer knows exactly how to provide that. Vanessa De Prophetis of the Youtube channel Girl With The Dogs gives us a glimpse into Daisy’s grooming routine.

It starts with a shower, and since Daisy is elderly and hence unsteady on her feet, Vanessa used a shower that was specifically designed for special needs and senior dogs.

While showering Daisy, Vanessa shares some interesting facts about St. Bernards – like the fact that they’re so good at finding people buried alive in avalanches that many St. Bernard pups will learn how to do it simply by looking at the older dogs at work and not with formal training.

Probably the most comical part of the routine is when Vanessa blow dries Daisy and we see her jowls move from side to side in slow motion.

Daisy needs two rounds of deshedding thanks to her thick double coat. Vanessa uses two different deshedding tools to make sure she gets all the fur out of Daisy’s coat. She even wears a beekeeper’s hat and veil to protect her own face from the fur floating around.

When it came to clipping Daisy’s claws, Vanessa had to use both hands to get through because of how thick Daisy’s claws had become.

Her ears were probably the toughest part to clean, with Vanessa having to get in there three times each with makeup pads to get all the dirt out.

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Very old Senior St. Bernard gets the most satisfying spa day at the groomer’s