1-pound puppy is a tiny terror — until he meets the girl of his dreams

1-pound puppy

When Paola took in a puppy to foster, she did not expect a small dog to be so rowdy. The puppy weighed 1.2 pounds and loved to chew on everything.

He chewed on her pants, toys, and anything else he could get his mouth on. Paola was amazed by how energetic and playful he was. When he got excited, he would constantly chew.

Paola noticed that her daughter Ali had a special connection to the puppy. Whenever the puppy saw Ali, he would start crying and run over to her. It seemed the puppy had chosen her as her person.

Ali was the one who started to train the puppy using toys, and he had so many toys. His favorite thing to chew was a blanket, so Paola gave him all the blankets he could ever want.

She found it hilarious when the puppy started to sleep on his back. It was a funny pose. Usually, when they foster a dog, they get attached a bit. In this case, Paola knew that the puppy was already home.

When Ali found out they were keeping the puppy, she was overjoyed. She expected that he would find another home, and Paola knew it was the right choice because they belonged together.

Ali and her puppy have become inseparable. He has grown big, happy, and spoiled in his home. Together the two of them are always getting into all sorts of trouble.

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1-pound puppy is a tiny terror — until he meets the girl of his dreams