Lovable Labrador puppy ‘Hercules’ gains confidence at doggy day care farm

At Doggy Daycare Farm trips Luke and his team treat dogs to a full day of farm fun. On this particular day, it is Nala’s birthday, and they celebrate by gathering all the dogs to eat chicken cake.

The farm is filled with endless activities for the dogs to partake in. From morning till sunset, the furry friends run around free and happy. They had dozens of dogs of all kinds of breeds visiting the farm.

They chased Luke as he rode across on his small motorbike. Some of the dogs could actually keep up with him. In the pool, the dogs jumped in and swam together.

One Labrador puppy named Hercules used to be scared of swimming, but he found his confidence and loves to dive in the water. It isn’t just the dogs swimming, and the humans get in as well.

With large open fields available to them, it is perfect for hunting and hiding. So the dogs play hide-and-seek, and it doesn’t take long for them to find their target.

Once they find Luke hidden among the trees, they swarm him with cuddles and nuzzles. No amount of camouflage can hide someone from the sharp senses of happy dogs.

There is not a dull day at the farm. All dogs have a great time playing, running, relaxing, or whatever it is they love doing. Their goal at the farm is to always give the best experience for all their visitors.

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Lovable Labrador puppy \'Hercules\' gains confidence at doggy day care farm