Top 7 signs your cat loves you (vet reveals hidden details)

Cat with her owner

Sarah Wooten, a veterinarian, shares the top seven signs that your cat loves you. The first sign is when your cat brings you presents. Cats are natural predators who love to hunt.

Sometimes they will bring you a piece of their prize and leave it for you. It is a good sign because it means they think of you while engaging in one of their favorite activities.

The second sign is that they enjoy spending time with you. Unlike dogs, cats do not treat people as the center of their world. If your cat is affectionate towards you, that is a big deal.

When a cat makes direct relaxed eye contact with you, that is the third sign that they like you. They will stare at you while blinking slowly, and they may purr as well.

Cats have scent glands on the base of their tail and their face. The fourth sign is when your cat will rub these parts against you, and they are leaving invisible scent markers that show deep affection.

The fifth sign is when they curl their tail around you. As for the sixth sign, it is when your cat feels safe and trusts you enough to show you their belly.

The final sign is when they make biscuits. This is when cats push their paws up and down a surface. It is behavior they learned when feeding on their mothers as kittens, and it stuck with them.

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Top 7 signs your cat loves you (vet reveals hidden details)