23-year-old cat has the most special bond with her best friend

Lily is a senior cat who recently celebrated her 23rd birthday with Reece, who she has been with her entire life. In cat years, Lily is approximately 108 years old.

Reece says that Lily is his escape. Now that she is more fragile, she always wants him around to look after her and protect her. Even at her age, she is still quite sassy.

Lily is constantly meowing, and most of the time, Reece isn’t sure why. He will turn around to see her staring daggers at her. Whenever she wants to find him, she will appear out of thin air.

They had been bonded ever since she was born in 1999. As Lily has gotten older, she has grown more dependent on Reece. A few years ago, she had a stroke and started to walk differently.

Reece thought she didn’t have much time left, and he wanted to appreciate every moment with her. He saw that nothing was endless, but he was surprised when Lily defied the odds.

Lily pushed through her struggles and still had the strength to jump high. She is fighting to live as much as she can. Reece could tell Lily loves life as much as he does.

Reece prepared balloons, toys, and treats for Lily as her birthday approached. She had a wonderful celebration and slept like a baby. Lily showed Reece that a soulmate is someone who is literally by your side till death do you part.

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23-year-old cat has the most special bond with her best friend