Emotional support cat helps dog whenever he goes down the stairs

Marley is the emotional support cat for Bob, the senior Yorkie. Luz never expected her dog to get along or even become best friends with a cat.

Bob has always been a grumpy senior dog, and Luz was scared at first about Marley meeting his new older brother. When they met for the first time, Bob’s eyes lit up.

Their relationship blossomed, and they couldn’t be split apart. Bob used to be lonely, and he would bark all the time, especially at other dogs. After Marley arrived, Bob calmed down.

Luz sees Bob as the big brother and Marley as the annoying little brother. Marley is a tiny ball of energy, and he rarely knows when to leave Bob alone. They will playfight and then cuddle.

When Bob wants to rest, Luz will leave the tv or tablet on for Marley to watch. It became a habit, and Marley started to enjoy whatever was showing on the screens.

Bob once fell down the stairs, and Marley got really scared. Ever since then, whenever Bob is at the top of the stairs, Marley waits at the last step to make sure she can catch him if he stumbles.

Luz always thought that cats and dogs hate each other. She never imagined the relationship between Marley and Bob would become like this, and Luz couldn’t be happier.

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Emotional support cat helps dog whenever he goes down the stairs