Cat adopts new puppy brother as soon as he meets him

Teddy, the cat, absolutely loved his new puppy brother, Albi, as soon as he met him. Lana was thrilled when she saw the two of them playing and following each other around.

They became obsessed with each other. Teddy and Albi loved to snuggle up together in Lana’s arms. Lana was surprised when Teddy started to groom Albi.

She had never expected a cat to groom a puppy, especially a male cat. After that, Teddy and Albi’s relationship only grew stronger and stronger.

During the first few weeks, there was a lot of cuddling and grooming that went both ways. Lana would find them cuddled up in a dog bed together.

When Albi got bigger, he started to play-fight with Teddy more often. Albi even began to believe that he was a cat. They play together all day, and Albi can be a bit rough at times.

Even when Albi chews Teddy’s ears and collar Teddy doesn’t get mad. Teddy showed Lana that he was a one-in-a-million cat because he had so much patience with Albi.

Lana even takes Albi to work with her, and as soon as they get home, Albi looks for Teddy in his usual spot, and they start cuddling. They are definitely soulmates destined to be together.

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Cat adopts new puppy brother as soon as he meets him