Adorable kitten attempts to escape her box bed

Looking for a video to help you make it through the week? Look no further than this adorable clip of the kitten, Kiki, struggling to find her way out of a box.

Kiki might have been young, but she was still a cat. That meant that if she was not allowed to go somewhere, like outside the box, she wanted nothing more than to get out.

At the beginning of the video, Kiki ventured to the edge of her box, pleading with her owner to let her out. When her owner picked her up instead, Kiki resorted to calling her mom.

Unfortunately, Kiki’s mom proved just as frustrating for the adventurous kitten. Instead of helping her escape her box prison, the adult cat cleaned her so well the tiny kitten fell over.

After pushing her mom away, Kiki made one final attempt to escape. The Munchkin kitten clambered over to the edge of the box. When her scratching did not help her escape, Kiki flopped down, exhausted.

Not long after, her mom lay in the middle of the box, and the tired baby kitten settled into the mama cat’s side. After all, trying to escape requires a lot of energy for a kitten.

As it turned out, it was bedtime for the whole feline family. Just a few feet away, Kiki’s dad settled in to take a nap, too. You will not want to miss this adorable cat family.

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Adorable kitten attempts to escape her box bed