Husky sings the song of his people during a rainstorm

If you have been around a Husky before, you already know these pups are notorious for their “yodeling.” K’eyush, the Husky/Malamute, decided to take his beautiful serenading to the next level.

As most fur parents know, loud noises can be scary for dogs. Canines have sharper, more refined hearing and cannot understand our explanations of where the sudden sounds come from.

So, our fur babies often get scared when they hear loud noises like thunder or fireworks. That was what happened with this family. Fortunately, we have adorable subtitles to show us the Husky’s side of the story.

K’eyush was alert the moment the video started. He demanded to know what had made that sound. When his mom told him it was the thunder, the sweet pup told “big belly rumble” to stop being so loud.

The best part about watching this adorable Husky’s videos was his reactions to his mom. When she told him the thunder was hungry and wanted to eat his waffles, K’eyush started pouting appropriately.

As the rain started to fall, the goofy pup increased his volume. He demanded that his mom and “Biscuit Lady” make the rain stop, and he assured the rain that he could be even louder.

If you have animals of your own, you will love this heartwarming look into what our dogs think about when it starts to rain. Watch this Husky yodel away storm with his loving family.

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Husky sings the song of his people during a rainstorm