Feral Chihuahua learns the value of a good belly rub

When Michelle first met Lucille, the feral Chihuahua, the tiny dog was terrified. But with a lot of patience, Michelle slowly helped Lucille open up and prepare herself for her new home.

Lucille was one of the most distant dogs she had ever met. “When she first came to me, she was truly petrified for her own life,” said Michelle. “She acted feral. She acted like she had no human interaction.”

No matter what Michelle did to help, Lucille seemed uninterested in coming out of her shell. “She was very shut down, and she was scared,” said Michelle. “She stuck to herself.”

Michelle knew that if she wanted to help this scared dog, she would need to help Lucille step outside of her comfort zone. Michelle interacted with her more and more every day.

Eventually, she decided to take Lucille out of her pen. “She would bite me and lash out against me,” said Michelle. “She’s not an aggressive-natured dog. She was just lashing out in fear.”

Michelle refused to give up on Lucille. She continued to interact with the scared Chihuahua, and one day, when Lucille was wriggling around, Michelle started petting her belly. She loved it!

Belly rubs turned out to be the key to unlocking Lucille’s trust. From there, Lucille grew in leaps and bounds. Watch her adorable transformation from a feral dog to a loving pup.

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Feral Chihuahua learns the value of a good belly rub