Buddy the Golden Retriever gets some help from Santa Claus

For most people, the winter is a time to come together and enjoy quality time with your family. But in this short film, one dog did not have a family to go home to.

Buddy, played by Ryn the Golden Retriever, was ready for the holiday, but Buddy had no one to celebrate with. His makeshift shelter was decorated with holiday lights, but one look made it clear his home lacked Christmas cheer.

Buddy curled up on the snow-dusted, frozen ground. He looked up at his shelter, a sad, longing look in his eyes. But with nowhere to go, he lay down in his cold bed for the night.

When all hope seemed lost, a special guest arrived at Buddy’s home, a jolly man dressed in red and white. No words were spoken, but as Buddy reached his paws up to take Santa’s hands, it was clear he was making a big request.

Santa gave Buddy a scratch under the chin. Buddy dashed ahead of his compassionate visitor, leading him to a barn. Inside, Buddy got a comfortable bath from his new friend.

But St. Nicholas had more plans for his new canine friend. He looped a red collar around his neck. A golden tag dangled from the collar with the name “Buddy.”

The next scene had us crying happy tears. We will not spoil the climactic ending for you. You need to watch this heartwarming video yourself. Happy holidays to all the adorable puppies out there!

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Buddy the Golden Retriever gets some help from Santa Claus