Talkative Husky speaks loudly to win an argument with his grandma

There is a storm brewing outside and Key the Husky is determined to talk louder than whatever noise it brings. Key, his mom, and grandmother peacefully relaxed in the living room.

They were talking to each other when Key started singing about his rumbling belly. He looks out when he hears thunder, and it reminds him of his hunger.

Key continues to stare at the grey outdoors while being unhappy about not being fed any snacks. The sky continues to roll with thunder and Key whines about the rain.

It is loud with the pitter-patter of the rain, and Key starts to howl along with the noisy weather. He knows he has to speak up if he wants to be heard by everyone in the house.

Key howls at the rain to get it to stop and is confused when it refuses to cease. His family converses with him, and he is very talkative, especially when it comes to the topic of his food.

Grandma argues with Key, and he keeps talking back to her. Apparently, Key always has to have the last word. His howls continue to roll like thunder.

The gloomy weather keeps going, and Key lays on the carpet. He squeaks and whines, waiting for food and treats to be given to him. Key remained louder than the rain.

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Talkative Husky speaks loudly to win an argument with his grandma