Breeding dog who had her puppies taken from her adopts a kitten

Bailey, a senior dog, surprised her owners when they found her on the porch with an unexpected friend. Several years ago, Arthur and his family rescued Bailey when she was being used as a breeding dog.

She had many litters of puppies, and they were all taken away from her. Bailey still retained her loving and motherly instincts. Then Arthur moved with Bailey to a new home in the countryside.

Arthur and his family noticed that there was a feral kitten living in a ravine behind their house. They tried leaving food for the cat, but she never showed herself.

What the family didn’t know was that Bailey was on a mission of her own. Bailey somehow knew there was a kitten who needed her help, and she did what any mother would do.

Then one day, they look out on the porch to see Bailey with a kitten curled up in between her legs. The kitten enjoyed Bailey’s thick coat, and Bailey liked the company.

Bailey was in her element as the kitten was comfortable being adopted by her new dog mother. Arthur decided to take the feral kitten in and call her Kitten-Kitten.

Kitten-Kitten now follows Bailey around like a puppy. They are always cuddling and snuggling together. If Bailey hadn’t convinced the kitten to come out, she would have had difficulty surviving outside.

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Breeding dog who had her puppies taken from her adopts a kitten