Cat learns to climb stairs on their human’s feet

This smart kitty is full of wonder. He places his tiny paws on his human’s legs and walks up the stairs. Certainly not a lot of cats that can do that.

Having a pet cat has to be one of the best things ever. Cats are such amazing creatures and are among the most common pets found in homes today.

They are generally considered to be lazy and this is mostly correct. Cats sure love their rest. However, it is always nice to see an active cat. Or at least one that can do some tricks.

Nipa is a cat that has learned quite a number of tricks from his human and it is amazing to watch him do them. He is able to put on shoes and even stay put when asked to by his human.

His most famous trick yet is the one his human called “cop cop”. Here, he places his paws on his human’s feet and they walk together up the stairs. It’s truly mesmerizing.

Nipa has gained quite some fame in his social media over the time he has been doing his tricks. Most people would agree that watching this cat do these amazing tricks may just push you to get one of your own.

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Cat learns to climb stairs on their human’s feet