Huskies’ reaction to seeing Grandma after a year apart is just too precious

The video begins centered on three Huskies, who are gathered together in a field. We can hear a voice say, “Grandma’s here, guys,” as the caption “Where?” is shown on the screen.

A little backstory: these Huskies haven’t seen their Grandma in over a year. Understandably, they’re eager to see her, so they start to have happy freakouts once they see her approaching.

In the distance, we can hear Grandma saying, “Hiii.”. The Huskies immediately start pulling on their leashes, trying their best to get to Grandma as fast as possible. One year is a long time to wait, so they don’t want to wait any longer.

A mixture of yowls, howls, and cheery yips fill the air as the Huskies try to pull their leashes over to Grandma. “I’m coming to see you.” the captions read as the Huskies continue their energetic advance.

Bit by bit, the Huskies make their way over to Grandma. We completely understand how they feel: one year is a long time to wait. If it wasn’t for their leashes, they’d probably accidentally knock Grandma over in all of their excitement.

Fortunately, they get the moment they’ve been waiting for. These adorable doggies are reunited with their Grandma just before the video ends. We can see her get down on their level, saying hello, with plenty of pets to go around for everyone.

Huskies are known for being very vocal dogs. It’s not surprising that they’d have this type of reaction to seeing someone they loved, especially considering how long it’s been since they’ve seen her. Still, that doesn’t make this moment any less precious. It’s sure to make anyone who watches it smile, so we’re so lucky that this reunion was caught on tape.


It’s Been A YEAR Since The Talking Huskies Have Seen Grandma! 🥹👵 (They FREAK OUT!) & She Brought Puppuccinos!🍦#huskiesoftiktok #huskiestalk #PetsofTikTok

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Huskies\' reaction to seeing Grandma after a year apart is just too precious