The most adventurous cat is obsessed with swimming in the ocean

Bao Zi is an adventurous cat who loves to swim in the ocean with her mothers, Helene and Alice. She never shies away from new experiences and just dove right into the water.

Helene and Alice recall how Bao Zi was always curious about water. In their house, if water dripped, Bao Zi would always try to catch it with her paw.

Then they wanted to see what would happen if Bao Zi was in the water. Once Bao Zi was placed in the water, she happily paddled back to shore.

Slowly they built up Bao Zi’s confidence and took her to the beach. She became more courageous and excited. They could tell that Bao Zi loved being on adventures with them.

It was different five years ago when Bao Zi used to stay indoors more. She was anxious and overgroomed a lot. Helene and Alice decided to take Bao Zi with them when they went on road trips and worked remotely.

Bao Zi quickly adapted and was more comfortable being outdoors. She has visited 45 states and 22 national parks at this point. They were thrilled to see Bao Zi’s personality blossom.

Helene and Alice see Bao Zi as the member of the family that keeps them together. Bao Zi’s world has grown since she started trying new things.

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The most adventurous cat is obsessed with swimming in the ocean