Baby deer playing with a Golden Retriever is straight out of a Disney movie

Everyone knows that dogs love to play. This is especially true when it comes to Golden Retrievers. These friendly, fun-loving dogs seem to have an endless supply of energy and are always ready for a bit of horseplay.

Uploaded by @willsanchioni (and filmed by his co-worker), this adorable video shows what happens when a Golden Retriever encounters a baby deer in his backyard. Unlike a full-grown deer, this young creature is about the same size as the dog.

Immediately intrigued and utterly unintimidated by this new visitor, this lovable Golden Retriever starts to bounce around with excitement. Will this guest be his playmate? He decides to find out, jumping back and forth. It almost seems like he’s saying, “play with me!”

Although initially unsure, the tiny deer quickly catches onto the game. She waits for an opening and then jumps at the dog, knocking the dog over before turning around for more. This horseplay delights her new puppy pal.

He quickly bounces back up, wagging his tail and resuming his “can’t catch me” jog around the yard before running back towards the deer. Throughout the video, we hear joyful laughs from the people filming the encounter.

As many commenters on TikTok have pointed out, this wholesome moment seems almost too good to be true. In fact, it is definitely something that you might find in a Disney movie.

While Will may not have been the one to film this pair playing, we’re glad his co-worker was kind enough to share the footage. Simply watching this unlikely—yet perfect—pair mess around together is sure to put an instant smile on your face!


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Baby deer playing with a Golden Retriever is straight out of a Disney movie