From adorable newborn pups to playful golden retrievers

Golden retrievers are known for their playful, warm, and loyal nature. A lot of effort is put into place to ensure that the pups grow healthy. This video gives us just a snippet of that.

Ricky, who’ll turn out the strongest of the eight golden retriever litter, was struggling with his first breath. This doesn’t go on for long thanks to the immediate help he got.

For the first two weeks, the pups are on a growth spree and double their birth weight. At this age, all they do is suck and sleep.

By the time the pups are two weeks old, they have started seeing and taking their first steps. Ricky of course being the most active. Lucy, the tiniest, also has her way of getting what she needs.

By the 5th week, the pups are teething. A disastrous stage any dog owner would understand. Combined with the roaring energy the pups have, there’s a lot of biting and tearing involved in playtime.

The pups are now ready to be introduced to agility courses, slowly, they are introduced to fun exercises. Puppies being puppies, they do what puppies do best. Play.

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From adorable newborn pups to playful golden retrievers