Kitten, stuck in a tire, walks straight to her rescuer

Ginny was a kitten in a car tire that walked up to Dana to be rescued. Dana of Brooklyn Animal Rescue was shocked by how small Ginny was. She guessed that Ginny was at most five weeks old.

Before rescuing Ginny, Dana looked around for other kittens, and none were in sight. She set up a trap, and Ginny simply strolled straight to her.

Dana wrapped her in a “purrito” and took her home with her. She started to foster Ginny and cleaned the car engine oil from her fur. Ginny became obsessed with all the attention.

When Dana went around her apartment, she carried Ginny around because she didn’t want to leave her alone. Ginny developed the habit of climbing on top of Dana’s shoulders.

Even when Ginny got bigger, she continued to perch on top of Dana. They had formed a bond, and Dana knew it would be difficult for her to put Ginny up for adoption.

Dana had two cats already, and she knew she needed space if she wanted to keep rescuing more cats. She had an idea to have Ginny bond with another kitten so they could be adopted together.

It didn’t take long for Ginny to bond with a kitten named Lucy. Ginny and Lucy went to their forever home, and Dana was thrilled by how much love and attention they got from their new family.

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Kitten, stuck in a tire, walks straight to her rescuer