Rescued squirrel refuses to go to bed without her teddy bear

When Hurricane Isaac hit the United States, this family rescued a baby squirrel. When the winds subsided, they adopted her and named her Jill. Jill is now an internet celebrity.

With over 720K followers on Instagram, Jill the Squirrel loves her new life with her new human family. She is pampered and adored, and she loves every second of it.

The Instagram post that caught our attention was a picture of her holding a tiny teddy bear in her little arms. This picture stole our hearts for looking like a baby human getting ready for nap time.

Her Instagram bio reads that Jill is an “8-year-old Hurricane Isaac rescue. Vegetarian parkour expert whose only fear is the vacuum. But she loves every Starbucks napkin she meets.”

There are tons of videos on her Instagram page of her showing off her parkour skills all over her family’s house. She is as rambunctious as she is adorable when she’s falling asleep under a massive blanket.

Jill also makes a great mascot for the Christmas spirit with a line of merch on Bonfire. The t-shirts have a print of her standing with a wreath, making it a great Christmas gift and something the whole family can wear on Christmas Day!

She also loves to play dress up – there are pictures of her dressed up as the queen, a hula girl, a Christmas elf. You name it, she’s worn it.

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Rescued squirrel refuses to go to bed without her teddy bear