Little boy and his pug dog have the cutest first walk together

Blake, a little youngster, is very excited to share his walk with his adoring pug dog. It’s their first time taking a walk together. They begin a quick stroll while keeping an eye on each other.

The toddler adores his pet, whom he considers to be his sibling. Every time he sees him walking beside him, he smiles, and it’ll make your heart warm.

The dog, on the other hand, is fond of the toddler, too. Wherever the kid’s heading to, he’s following his tiny steps. He’s never leaving his side. It’s so adorable.

Sometimes, they’d make a switch to be the leader of the walk. Even when one stops to catch his breath, the other waits for him— such a sweet bonding among two little ones.

No matter how tired the small kid becomes, he keeps a firm grip on the leash. As if he is the responsible one, looking after his younger sibling. Isn’t it just amazing?

The pug is looking over his human friend, too. When he stops, the pug stops as well. He never runs too fast so that he and the boy can run side by side.

Their short clip will surely make your day. They have more cute short videos on their YouTube channel, called the ‘Country Boy kids’ with nearly half a million followers.

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Little boy and his pug dog have the cutest first walk together