Meet this determined boy who saves thousands to own a pony

This young boy Sabastian was so eager to own a pony of his own when he experienced riding one. He felt so attached that he wanted to bond with it every day.

Understandably, his parents declined when he requested to buy him a pony. But his parents’ decision doesn’t stop him from having a pony pet in their backyard.

From then, he decided to save all the money that he gets every Christmas season and during his Birthday. Knowing that it would not be enough to buy a pony, Sabastian decides to start his own business.

He came up with his own beverage business named Sabastian & Co. It was a cold drink station. As time goes, the business grows bigger and earns bigger as well.

After three years, the little guy earns more than what he needs to buy a pony. However, his parents decided to buy him a pony because of his discipline and hard work.

The moment he met his pony was so surreal to the boy that it made him in tears. That was a totally heartwarming moment for the whole family.

Even at his young age, Sabastian teaches us that hard work, saving, and perseverance will always pay off. He indeed knows how to focus on his goal.

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Meet this determined boy who saves thousands to own a pony