Mama Pittie hides her puppies in a burrow, and they are rescued

Donna of Stray Rescue of St. Louis spotted a stray beautiful Blue Pittie that looked like she had been nursing puppies. The dog had been seen hanging around downtown.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

They named her Crown Candy, and they gave her food when they met her. After she ate, she quickly ran back into the bushes. Donna followed Crown Candy and found the burrow where she was hiding her puppies.

Crown Candy was feeding them, and she growled at whoever came close. Donna slowly earned her trust and made her feel at ease by giving her more food.

For a mama dog, she was surprisingly well-behaved with her puppies so close to strangers. Donna knew that Crown Candy was nervous, and they brought her to the jeep right away before going back to retrieve the puppies.

Crown Candy was a gorgeous dog, and she had done an excellent job nursing the puppies. Donna found them easily because they were all in one single pile.

They were brought to the shelter, and after three or four days, Crown Candy and her puppies were taken in by their foster mom Stacy. Right away, Stacy knew that Crown Candy was a friendly dog.

Stacy saw that Crown Candy was very affectionate with her puppies. The puppies quickly grew and became more independent. They were under Stacy’s care until they could be adopted.

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Mama Pittie hides her puppies in a burrow, and they are rescued