Man helps Ukrainian family and their cocker spaniel with long-term housing

Aaron Jackson had always been a generous person who helped everyone around him. The kind man was always there when someone needed him, especially when helping needy and homeless animals.

Recently, Aaron, the founder of the charity and rescue organization “Planting Peace,” decided to help in the relief work required at the Poland-Ukraine border. So, Aaron took a flight immediately to the location.

He had read various stories about homeless refugees who lived at train stations and how they were trying to cope with the freezing weather at the border. However, he had not thought of helping people with pets but soon realized that he needed to work on keeping the families and the pets together.

Millions of people had left Ukraine, so there was a crisis of proper housing. It was difficult for refugees with pets to find appropriate accommodation because places to stay were minimal, and not all residents allowed pets.

So, Jackson and his fellow team members worked to find refugees with pets who needed proper and safe accommodation. Recently the kind man found a family struggling due to the same issue.

He spoke to the shelter director when he came across a family with an adorable cocker spaniel called Bella. The family was actually living as refugees and wanted to give up on their pet as they could not see their dog suffering in the cold.

Jackson decided to help the family and found them a pet-friendly accommodation. The happiness on everyone’s face was pretty evident. Even Bella could not help herself from wagging her tail. Jackson was happy he could be of help to someone who needed him.

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Man helps Ukrainian family and their cocker spaniel with long-term housing